Nature is not taking a Corona break, and neither are our children!

Nature is not taking a Corona break, and neither are our children!

The vegetables needed harvesting and seeds collecting.
The hen had chicks and we needed to expand our chicken run.
The adobe house needed a grass roof before the rain started.
The herbs needed a bigger space to grow.

Nature keeps going and we can’t tell her to wait! She will keep growing, ripening, going to seed; if we don’t pick the ripe fruit it will fall off the branch and go to waste. And just as nature doesn’t take a corona break, neither do our children. We must keep up with their ever changing needs.

In order for our children to grow into confident, resilient and independent people, we need to provide them the right environment in which to do so. Working together in real life situations, achieving a goal as a team; and at the same time developing their own individual personalities is a MUST.

This summer we designed a mosaic wall, harvested vegetables from our garden and collected seeds for next year. We built a herb garden, an adobe house with a grass roof and a chicken run. In the July session of our EBI Summer Camp we worked together in our garden and achieved amazing results.

Now it is time to continue what we started. A lot of projects await our EBI children and their teachers this fall and winter.

By Regina Kruse-Özçelik